About Smile Aid
Smile Aid is a United Kingdom based organisation incorporated as a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a focus on building humanitarian coalition to tackle social crises. Our focus is on supporting the less privileged and the homeless, providing them with means of sustenance, imparting right education and training, and enabling them to be employable and self-sufficient. We sternly believe in youth empowerment, instilling our young people with positive values, thus moulding them to be tomorrow’s future.  We make relentless efforts to make positive impacts in the community, by tackling hate crime and acid attacks. We work tirelessly to bring about community cohesion, and elicit collective effort towards nation building.

An ethical and altruistic life involves using resources efficiently and dedicating some of our wealth to improve the lives of the less fortunate. Smile Aid CIC aspires to live to the highest standards of honesty and responsibility, never compromising on our reputation, and always acting in the best interest of worldwide communities. It is a vision of compassion and opportunity for everyone.

Our Aim
We would like is to do more work towards improving the quality of community life; to bring happiness and joy all around the world. If we could touch the lives of the really deserving, we consider it as a huge reward. Taking the right action right now is what we are all about.​​

Our aim is to make Smile Aid a people’s movement!  
Community Development
& Cohesion
Smile Aid supports the underprivileged communities, thereby developing a relation and encouraging cohesion among the members. We build & maintain communal areas like play grounds and funeral grounds, provide clean drinking water facility to schools and places of worship, and build playpens for schools children.
 Tackling Homelessness
Homelessness is not a personal problem anymore, it’s a national crisis. It’s a disgrace and an outrage; it’s appalling to see thousands sleep on the streets, even in developed countries, and the number grows every year. SmileAid is committed to eradicate homelessness by providing the rough sleeping community with emergency care, food, warm clothing, medical aid, housing, and the necessary education and training to make them self-sufficient.
 Education & Training​​
We believe education is the single largest factor that helps to improve one’s self belief, self respect, economic prospects, and overall health. That is the reason why we try to influence global policy makers to improve the quality of education from preschool onwards. Smile Aid supplies schools from poorer areas with uniforms, writing materials, blackboards, drinking water facilities, and playpens to give children a head start.
 Sustenance & Life-support
The global operation of Smile Aid provides clean running water throughout the year, to areas hard hit by water shortage and vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, by constructing hand pumps, tube wells, and water filter plants. We also identify the poorest areas, especially in remote locations, and distribute food, water, and clothing. Our dedicated team of volunteers are actively engaged in providing first aid training to 10,000 families, and medical aid to disadvantaged communities.
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