The Ten Thousand Project
First Aid Training
We at Smile Aid believe that the importance of first aid training cannot be stressed enough. That is the reason why Smile Aid initiated First Aid training to 10,000 families across the country in Pakistan during 2017. As part of the project, we are also providing the establishments, where our training is undergoing, with 10,000 lifesaving First Aid Medical Kits

So far we have trained more than 2500 families and counting.

This project has been endorsed by the British Army and the Greater Manchester Police campaign “We Stand Together” and highly appreciated by the Government of Pakistan.

It is natural for most of us to rush to support any injured person - to no avail usually. A trained person will be much more confident and in control while they assist the injured person. The aim of Smile Aid was to impart first aid training and promote awareness of safety and well-being amongst communities, thus reducing the number of non-fatal/fatal causalities, whether on the streets or home during any disaster.
 Development & Education
Smile Aid is driven by its global vision of assisting communities that do not receive even the most basic education.
We believe education is the single largest factor that helps to improve one’s self belief, self respect, economic prospects, and overall health. That is the reason why we try to influence global policy makers to improve the quality of education from preschool onwards. ​​

We endeavour to provide opportunities to children and adults to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence that they will need to turn their abilities into success at school and beyond.

Smile Aid supplies schools from poorer areas with uniforms, writing materials, blackboards, drinking water facilities, and playpens to give children a head start.
Installation of Clean Water Filter Plants and Hand Pumps 
​​​We have engaged with local communities, government machinery, and contractors to provide a permanent water source for the communities, in areas hard-hit by water scarcity.

We achieve this by installing hand pumps/ tube wells to provide a regular supply of drinking water. We also Install water plants in schools, mosques, churches and other community places, where lack of funding is a real issue            
There are areas in Pakistan where there is severe scarcity of clean drinking water. We have identified the hard-hit areas, and installed hand pumps and filtered water plants to provide a regular supply of water, for drinking purpose and as an emergency support for the agrarian way of life. ​​             
  Ambulance Donation
We have come across areas with no means of immediate medical assistance in the event of an emergency. We identified Pir Peshawar in dire need and responded, in collaboration with Rightwave, by providing training on emergency First Aid, and donating a fully-fledged ambulance, which turned out to be a lifeline for the community.
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  Disability Services
In keeping with our avowed policy of bringing people, with fewer advantages, to the mainstream society, Smile Aid set camps for the disabled and distributed wheel chairs and walking sticks, in collaboration with the National Peace Force Committee for Interfaith & Harmony Government of Pakistan.                      
  Sustenance Support
As the price of food goes up every year, many cannot even afford a hand-to-mouth existence. We support these struggling families by supplying regular food packs throughout Pakistan. We buy food or collect excess food from restaurants to feed them. Our volunteers are immediately available to assist with a ready supply of food & clean drinking water in the event of any natural calamity.
Play Grounds
Creating playing space and activities for each child living in poverty, we give the communities a play area where children can play and enjoy together with their friends and families.   
   Support to Women & Children

We take particular interest in gender equality, and advancement and empowerment of women. We regularly distribute clothes to orphaned female children and widows, from the poorer, remote areas.
Renewable Energy Generation
According to reports, on current trends, more than a billion people will still be without energy by 2030.

​We have been working to provide affordable energy to the poor in remote locations, where traditional energy sources are unavailable. We succeeded in providing few villages with street lights, and the mission is going on full throttle.

Solar Energy: There are areas which are not fully electrified, or where round-the-clock power supply is not available. We have successfully installing solar street lighting in 6 entire villages, school and other public places. We also set up small initial workshops on how to build entire solar energy generating systems locally, and promoted using solar energy to meet the needs of general public in Pakistan.

Biogas Plants:  A prototype was built by us in Landi Karachi. An estimated 2000 megawatts renewable energy can be made from biogas alone from cattle farms in Pakistan.
Youth Empowerment through Sports
Lack of proper guidance to the youth is an international issue. In developing countries, this is all the more prominent as there is a lack of proper funding to channelise the youth energy.

Our work is aimed at discovering hidden talents among the young people and nurture them to be winners, by building their mental prowess and physical stamina.

Our approach is to promote sports, especially football, by building sports facilities and providing the players with the necessary training kits. Our experienced coaches train them professionally and conduct football matches as well.
Rohingya Crisis
The plight of Rohingya refugees, hundreds of thousands of them, with no food, no clean drinking water, and nowhere to sleep is so heart-wrenching. With not much international aid available, our team visited and camped in the area bordering between Myanmar and Bangladesh, and distributed food and emergency medicines.
Providing in Emergencies 
It’s appalling statistics: approximately 3.1 million children die from hunger each year; one in six children in the developing world is underweight; around 795 million people suffer from chronic hunger.  

Our dedicated team of volunteers help the vulnerable communities globally with the desperately needed food, clothing, and medicine support.

We liaise with other aid organisations and ensure that there is a steady supply of essential materials, until they recover from the emergency situation.



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