​Who we Work with, our Supporters & their Testimonials

Commander Phil Harrison 
British Army
"Smile Aid’s ambition and determination is to be commended. Your values and vision, bringing people and organisations together to tackle societal ills and give people the skills and tools to make a life themselves, chime with my own and is why I am full supportive of your work.

Clean water, shelter, basic education, and even safe places for our children to play, are simple things many of us take for granted. But for disadvantaged communities across the globe these can be far from reach. Your work is providing a lifeline to these families and communities.
I am also fully behind your current project, providing basic first aid training to 10,000 families across Pakistan. This initiative - #TheTenThousandProject – will provide vital skills and empower local people to save lives. 

Tony Lloyd
Mayor and Police and Crime Commissioner
for Greater Manchester

"I wish to commend the noble job done here. They are saving lives, they are saving humanity. I think they are real servant of humanity. We must encourage them, we must appreciate them, we must support them. They are helping us to help ourselves.

Thank you very much on behalf of all Pakistanis and on behalf of Government of Pakistan"
H. E. Syed Ibne Abbas,  
Pakistan High Commissioner to the United Kingdom 

"The Ten Thousand Project to train up 10,000 people in Pakistan as First Aiders during 2017 is inspired and one that I am delighted to support in any way that I can.

I cannot stress how important I believe Smile Aid's project on training up as many people as possible in Pakistan with life-saving skills is, and how important it is that you are supported in your work"
Andrew Stephenson 
Member Parliament United Kingdom   
"We're really pleased that Smile Aid have support Royal Manchester Children's Hospital this Easter in such a kind and thoughtful way.

On behalf of all the patients and staff within the hospital, I would like to thank Smile Aid very much again for your kindness – your support is very much appreciated."
Mrs Sam Uttley
Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital 
 "I express my appreciation to you, and also to your organisation, Smile Aid; for the commitment, dedication, and hard work that you put into supporting the local community and making it a better place to live in.

Having worked alongside yourself and your organisation on many occasions, on collecting and delivering aid to European refugees, helping the homeless in the UK and distributing Easter gifts to the hospital I know first-hand the difference your work makes.
You have been able to bring awareness to causes in ways that are inspiring the next generation to work collectively on welfare work. This will benefit our communities and will create cohesion in our society.

I wholeheartedly support your work and I wish you the very best in your endeavour.”
Afzal Khan
Member European Parliament 
​​"would like to thank you for your efforts in making our community in Greater Manchester a better and safer place for the general public. Your work is not only inspirational but it also guides our youth on a positive path.

I would officially like you to know that I am personally with you on every step of this magnificent journey to play an active role to help save lives where we can and bring the unity back into humanity."
 Yazmin Qureshi
 Member Parliament United Kingdom 
Smile Aid, British Army, Armed Force Covenant,
Smile Aid proudly works and supports The British Armed Forces Covenant. We collectively will serve the nation ensuring that those who serve or have served in the armed forces of the Crown, and their families, are treated fairly.​​

Smile Aid recognises the value serving personnel, reservists, veterans and military families bring to our business. We seek to uphold the principles of the Armed Forces.  

We Stand Together’ encourages people to come together as one and celebrate their differences in order to build a safer and stronger United Kingdom. The initiative has been launched following recent global events which have caused concern within communities across Greater Manchester.​​

Smile Aid is proud to be working alongside We Stand Together to encourage community cohesion. To promote communities to support for each other during difficult time and to become more of a tolerance society.

"It is with great pleasure that we announce our collaboration with SmileAid, on some of their innovative community related projects; starting with #TheTenThousandProject. We believe that these projects are extremely important in every society. We have partnered together for providing educational needs where most needed. What we are doing with SmileAid is extraordinary, it is the first time that a project of this scale has been initiated. This project will certainly save lives."
"Truly is condemnable on the work undertaken and the awareness being created by the Smile Aid organisation. With a focus on engaging people of all walks of life, will really create much more tolerance and understanding in communities. It enhances on people coming together, collectively working for a better and peaceful co-existing world."
Who we work with, Our Supporters & Testimonials